Hilko Janssen
Student HBO-ICT (Software Engineering) with interests in Game Development

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A 3D desktop/web game prototype.
Built from scratch in C++ with OpenGL to learn more about 3D games and graphics.


Demo & more


This is a (still unfinished) game made using my own scriptable Game Engine. (More info on the game engine below this page...)

I'm trying to make most animations in this game procedural (based on physics, wind, fluids, etc.).
So far things like water, ropes, plants, trees, legs, jelly rainbows and more are animated procedurally.

More gifs


Together with someone else I transformed a simple simulation into an entire 2.5D game.
With graphics inspired by RollerCoaster Tycoon, this game simulates hundreds of little cars driving around using pathfinding.


Scriptable C++ Game Engine

This game engine focuses on game data and logic.
It partly allows development without recompiling or even restarting your game. This speeds up development a lot.

More info

2D pixel platformer

As final project for my secondary school (HAVO) I made my first actual game. Programmed in Java and pixel art made using Aseprite

This game features pathfinding and random level generation.


Other projects